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WebQuote Wizard - Real-time Window Film Job Costing App - Get price now!

tape measureWhy take time off just to wait for a sales rep?

Now you can measure and quote your own job whenever you like
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Step 1: Select Film Type

Solar Control Films are graded by the amount of light that passes through the film - Visible Light Transmitted (VLT).
- A VLT over 60% and the film is almost invisible: it won't change the external appearance of the building or spoil views at night
- A VLT less than 25% will block just enough light to provide daytime privacy without making a room "feel" dark
- A VLT less than 20% will block more heat but it will make a room "feel" darker - VLT's less than 10% will make the room "feel" very dark

Unsure which film to choose?
Our short paper on "How to choose the right film for the job" may help. Or give us a call and tell us what you want to achieve.

Room - Each window pane Height (mm) Width (mm) Number m2 Old film to remove?
+ Add Another Window Total m2
Total Cost
Less WebQuote Discount (15%)
Total Amount Payable (incl GST) for Film

Step 2: Installation Type

Film Installation

The film is pre-cut 20mm oversize (ie. 20mm larger than the window pane size entered) and is delivered to your home or office ready for installation.

Customers may choose to install their own film (DIY Installation) or to use our Professional Film Installers.

If you choose DIY Installation we recommend that you view the easy to follow, step by step, film installation instructions in this YouTube video.

If you choose Professional Installation, installation costs will be calculated based on the information you provide below.

Installer Safety film installers comply with OH&S safe working guidelines to protect workers against falls and injury. Where a window pane cannot be safely accessed by step ladder and/or the top of the window is more than 3.6 metres above floor level our installers will not perform the installation without prior inspection and approval by management. If the installer judges it is unsafe to perform the installation, and must return to the job at a later date with appropriate equipment to complete the installation, an additional call-out fee will be charged, as well as the cost of any equipment that must be hired to complete the job (billed at cost). If in doubt, please call to discuss your job.

Professional Installation

Tintplus provides a film installation service in South-east Queensland. Professional installation is provided by Approved Professional Film Installers in other Australian Capital Cities and in some regional centres.

The cost for professional installation depends on the size of your job and the job complexity. The film installation charge for typical aluminium framed windows found in the home or office that can be accessed from floor level for your job of m2 will be $.

The film installation charge is payable to the film installer on job completion.

When you purchase window film online and choose our professional installation service our installer will contact you to schedule the installation date.

Installation workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months (This warranty is in addition to the film manufacturer's warranty)

To assess the complexity of your job please answer the following questions.

Film and Installation Cost Summary

Step 3: Request Film Samples

Would You Like Some Film Samples? If no, please click Next to continue.

Choose Your Films

Step 4: Contact Details

Contact Details

Happy with the price? Please enter your contact details below and we will email your quote and post you the film samples.

WebQuote Email


Your quote has been emailed to you! If you don't receive it shortly, please check your spam folder.
Inside your WebQuote email you will find a summary of your WebQuote with a link to retrieve it in the future.

Film Samples

We will now post you the film samples you have requested (up to three of each film type) to your nominated address.

Ready to proceed now? Just click the Checkout button to order your films. If you opted for a professional installation we will call you shortly to organise a time.

How to use WebQuote to calculate the cost of window tinting?

  1. Measure your windows (height and width of each pane of glass in millimeters) - download our Worksheet and enter the measurement there if not using a portable device (Worksheet)
  2. Choose Film Type (eg. solar, decorative and frosted, safety, security and anti-graffiti) and then Choose Film
  3. Give the room a name (eg Bed, Kitchen) and then enter the size of the pane of glass, and how many panes of that size - We cut the film 20mm larger than the size you enter, so your measurements don't need to be exact.
  4. The film cost is calculated, and shows the WebQuote discount for measuring your own windows. Click "Next" and you choose Professional or DIY installation.
  5. If you choose Professional Installation and answer a couple of questions about your job, the cost of film installation is calculated. Click Next
  6. You can request film samples to be posted to you (Optional). Click Next
  7. Enter your contact details and Click Next
  8. We will email your quote and post the film samples you requested

Please Note:
1. If you require a different film in some rooms (eg a Frosted film in the entry) enter all the measurements for one film and then press the "Add another film" button  and a new WebQuote will be inserted for you to enter the measurements for a second, or more, films.
2. The 15% WebQuote discount is not available to customers following an onsite visit by a TintingDirect sales representative. It is unfair for a sales rep to visit a property and provide professional advise and be deprived of earning an income by a customer completing the film purchase online to receive the sales commission as a discount. Customers will be offered the choice of paying the sales rep for their work or cancel the order and receive a refund.

Please Skype or call me if you need help - 1300 658 503 - My name is Garry and I are happy to discuss your job and offer advice.

Professional Film Installation:

professional window tinter

Brisbane (and Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg)
Sydney (and Wollongong)
Perth (and Bunbury)

DIY Installation: If you are considering doing the installation yourself and wonder "How hard is it to install film?"- watch this video and decide

Comparison Shopping?

We won't be beaten on price

Get a couple of quotes from your local tint shops, then go online and compare our price on the same film.

Let us know  if you are quoted a lower price on a film we stock .lowest price

 We will not only beat the competitor price by $50, we will also DELIVER the film to you for FREE (Minimum order 5m2)